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In short

I am a software engineer at Google France, Paris. For more details, see my CV in English or in French.


  • Research internship at the university Paris Diderot, under the direction of Laurent Viennot: adaptation of Contraction Hierarchies to public transportation networks. report, slides in French.
  • Research internship at the university of Chile, under the direction of Jose Correa: the Stackelberg minimum spanning tree (StakMST). report, slides in French.
  • Mioara Joldes, Olivier Marty, Jean-Michel Muller, and Valentina Popescu. Arithmetic algorithms for extended precision using floating-point expansions. IEEE Transactions on Computers Journal, 2015. In print, doi: 10.1109/TC.2015.2441714, consult.
  • Research internship at the laboratory LAAS-CNRS of Toulouse, under the direction of Mioara Joldes: square root computing in arbitrary precision. report in French, slides in French.
  • A personal work during the classes préparatoires (TIPE) for the entrance exams of the ENS : a new pruning for the algorithm minimax – application to a game: four in a row. report in French.


whatever at oliviermarty dot net

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  • gpg F567 8F60 6495 7616 56CF 4FD4 4E7A 61F9 874D FE34



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